The Team

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Katie Warfield
Director of the Visual Media Workshop @KPU
Faculty, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey BC

Katie Warfield is faculty in the Department of Journalism and Communication at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey BC.  She is director of the Visual Media workshop and lead researcher for the Making Selfies/Making Self Research Project, which explores the production and curation of selfies by young Canadian women and young transgender and gender non-conforming people.  She teaches classes in communication theory, popular culture, discourse theory, social media studies, and media and diversity.  Her interests in interdisciplinary design and visual culture emerge from academic training and processional experience with cultural policy, cultural studies, architecture, urban design, and fashion design.

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Aisha Amijee
Instructor and Program Coordinator
DigitaLENS, Visual Media Workshop @ KPU
Blogger & Community Educator, FREED EDUCATION CO. 

Aisha Amijee is the instructor and program coordinator for the DigitaLENS program at the Visual Media Workshop at KPU. She teaches youth about social justice, digital literacy, race representation in the media and digital storytelling. Her research interests and passion lie at the intersection of community education, women's empowerment, social justice, journalism and communication, Islam/Islamophobia and Global Muslim Culture Studies. and freelance journalist article writing at UBC. She has earned a Masters of Education degree in Curriculum & Instruction: Justice, Law & Ethics Education from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelors of Arts degree in English Language from the University of British Columbia. She completed her digital storytelling training at the Centre for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, California 

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Alia Youssef
Voices of Muslim Women Digital Storytelling Program, Visual Media Workshop @ KPU

Alia Youssef is a Toronto and Vancouver-based artist and photography/video instructor at the Visual Media Workshop. Her work focuses on visual storytelling through photography and video. Alia is the founder of The Sisters Project which combats negative stereotypes of Muslim women by showcasing the diverse stories of inspirational women across Canada, while also creating a space of inclusion and belonging for all self-identifying Muslim women to embrace and celebrate their unique identities. Youssef has earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction from Ryerson University.